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ENGWR 300 (Jacobsen) Researching Controversies

ENGWR 300 (Jacobsen) Researching Controversies

Select topics for which you can find resources in the library.
Find Keywords & Background

Brainstorm Keywords

Keywords are the important words that describe your topic.  What are the keywords that describe your topic?

  • "same sex marriage"  (possible synonyms: gay marriage)
  • high school graduat*  (possible synonyms: "high school" and "graduation rate")
  • domestic violence  (possible synonyms: family violence; wife abuse; partner abuse)
  • womens athletic programs  (possible synonyms: womens athletics; women and sports; sports and women and equality, etc.)

What purpose do you think the "quote marks" and asterisk* serve?

What keywords describe your topic?

Tip:  As you find relevant books and articles, do look at the SUBJECT words used in their descriptions and add these to your list of keywords.  You will soon discover that the phrase "vocational guidance" is most often used to describe books about careers! 

Tips on Using Keywords