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ESLW 340 (Prado) Researching Your Career

ESLW 340 (Prado) Researching Your Career

Use these tips for all your Internet searches.
Search the Internet

Finding Radio and TV Shows


The Internet Archive Radio Programs Collection.  Type a keyword search for jobs then browse your results for relevant shows.  (I used jobs rather than careers because the Internet Archive uses jobs as a Subject term.)

NPR (National Public Radio) career programs (sort through these)


TV News Archive

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Great Job Show

PBS career videos (sort through these)

Remember to always evaluate what you find on the Internet, even if it's a website a librarian suggests!

Finding reliable websites

There are useful resources on the web.  Choose your search tool thoughtfully and use strategies: specific keywords, quotes, asterisks, domain limiters (edu, gov, org)Evaluate what you find - see the box below.

For example:

"college students" depression cause* site:org