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ESLW 340 (Prado) Researching Your Career

ESLW 340 (Prado) Researching Your Career

Use OneSearch to find articles, too!
Find Articles

Look for Articles

Periodicals include magazine, journal, and newspaper articles; some are in print on library shelves and many others exist online in library databases. 

Instructors may ask you to find scholarly, peer-reviewed, or journal articles.  Use this guide to discover the differences between magazines and journals.

Find Articles Using OneSearch

Start your search for articles in OneSearch, just like you did for finding books. 

On the SCC Library page, under the OneSearch tab, type a search for your topic using specific keywords.

For example:

  • graphic arts "vocational guidance"
  • occupational therap* "vocational guidance"
  • psychology "vocational guidance"
  • dental hygienists "vocational guidance"


In your results, use the limiters on the left side to narrow down to articles:

  1. Uncheck Expanders if your results are large.
  2. Check "Full Text Online."
  3. Click "Scholarly" if your instructor requires that you use scholarly articles.
  4. Slide the date bar to update the publication date if needed.
  5. Under Source Types, click Show More, then check the boxes for magazines or journals.
  6. Under Subject, Show More, pick the exact subjects you want.

From off-campus, when you reach database articles, use your w number and eservices password to log in.


Open articles:

  1. Read the abstract to see if you want the article.
  2. Click on the PDF Full Text link to open the article.
  3. Use the Tools in the right column to print, email, save to folder, etc. 
  4. Use the Table of Contents to select parts of the article.