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ENGWR 300 (Waggoner)

ENGWR 300 (Waggoner)


Approaching your Assignment

Welcome to the LibGuide for Camille Waggoner's ENGWR 300 class. 

This guide will help you with library research on the writing assignment that focuses on the power of language The research skills you learn will be valuable for this and any other research assignments you may have.

The guide will present information on searching books, databases and web sites that will help you define your topic.  Most of the library sources will even provide your required MLA citation!  Your professor has presented you with excellent library resources along the way.  This guide may duplicate some of that information. However, my hope is that it will present the info in one source and save you from having to go back to prior weeks trying to find a certain video or strategy.

Your Assignment

Step 1:  Choose a topic related to language and develop a guiding research question (see list of possible topics on the next page)

Step 2:  Research your topic. You will need to find at least five sources, including at least two sources from academic, peer-reviewed journals.  You will be learning how to find and evaluate sources in our class. 

Step 3:  Read and annotate your chosen sources to prepare to write an annotated bibliography.

Step 4:  Write an annotated bibliography. (This is W.A. #3) Write a brief introduction, then list each source alphabetically in proper MLA format. Write 2 paragraphs about each source:  1 paragraph summarizing the source, 1 analyzing its ideas. (More information will be provided.) 

Step 5:  Write a research paper in which you draw from your sources to explain what you have learned about your topic/research question. (This will be W.A. #4) Use MLA style. (More information will be provided.) 


How the Library Can Help

You are required to use some peer-reviewed/academic sources in your paper. The library databases can provide these, as well as give you the correct MLA citation.

Each of the pages in this course guide has a yellow "Ask a Librarian" icon you can click on to initiate a chat. 

A librarian is available 24/7 to assist you with your queries.  If you contact a librarian during "regular" hours you will speak to a librarian who works at Los Rios. If you make contact during other hours, a librarian from another academic institution will assist you. If you're up at, say, midnight, you'll maybe get a librarian from the UK.

Once you have decided on your topic and would like to speak with a librarian you can schedule an online appointment with a librarian

The library building is once again open for student access Monday - Thursday from 9-7.

A librarian can also show you an easy way to find citations or to create your own. There is an MLA guide listed in the "Cite your sources" page of this guide.