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ENGWR 302 (French): Argumentation related to WWII

ENGWR 302 (French): Argumentation related to WWII

If you use the Internet for research, do apply these tips.
Search the Web

Finding reliable websites

There are useful resources on the web, but you have to evaluate them.  Choose your search engine thoughtfully and type your search using all the tricks you've learned:  specific keywords, quote marks, asterisks, and domain limiters (edu, gov, org):

"world war II" racism "Japanese American*" site:edu

Evaluating Internet sources

Think very hard about what you read or see on the Internet.  Who wrote it?  Why?  Is it up to date?  Does the information correspond to what you found in books and articles?  Evaluate, evaluate.  Use the lists below and think it through.

Can you remember this?  Currency, Reliablity, Authority, Purpose