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ESLR 310 (Kawamura) - Library Assignment

ESLR 310 (Kawamura) - Library Assignment

Part II

Borrow books from ARC, FLC, CRC, and EDC

Students at one campus in the Los Rios District can borrow books from all the libraries in the District.  You can go to the other library and borrow the book directly, or you can Request it electronically through the library catalog, LOISAllow 2-3 days for the book to be transferred to SCC.

Your Public Library

Everyone who lives in Sacramento can borrow books from the Sacramento Public Library.  You need a public library card, easily obtained online or in person at any branch of the public library.

On the Sacramento Public Library web site, click Locations and search by zip code to find the library closest to your home.

When you find your branch. click the photo to read about its services.