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Poetry in the SCC Library

Poetry in the SCC Library


About this guide

Welcome to the Poetry in the SCC Library guide.  The purpose of this guide is to help you find poems that you want to read.  Each book is linked to the library catalog, so you can see if it is available or not.  The library has a lot more poetry books than you will see in this guide.  

How to find library books

There are many more poetry books in the Sacramento City College Library than I have listed in this guide.  Use OneSearch to find a book that you are interested in.  The easiest way is to perform a Simple Keyword search.  Type in the topic that you are searching for, such as 'love poetry'.  Or you can type in the name of a poet, such as 'Robert Frost'.

Play around with the terms until you find a poetry book that has what you are looking for.

Got a suggestion?

This list is selective, focusing on works of lasting importance. Unavoidably, a lot of good books were left off the list.  If you think something should be added to this guide just let me know. You'll find my contact information on the right.