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ENGWR 300 (Satterlee) - Environmental Issues

ENGWR 300 (Satterlee) - Environmental Issues

Use Keywords

Suggested keywords

The first keyword in your search should be the name of your state or of a geographical area in your state, such as a national park or other well known feature. 

Use Google to discover geographical ares and environmental issues for your state. For example, you could look for lists of threatened or endangered species.

Search examples:

  • Florida environment
  • Glacier national park
  • Montana drilling

These keywords will help you get started.  Be persistant; you may need to type many searchs before you find a book with a useful chapter.   See the suggestions on typing keywords in the box to the right.

environment animals botany ocean rivers pollute solar fracking
environmental species botanical sea forests pollution wind
conservation birds plants air mountains mining gas
ecology fish biology water riparian drilling coal
ecological mammals biological coast wetlands runoff lumber
nature amphibians flora praires delta extraction fire
natural reptiles grasslands marine drought agriculture
natural history endangered desert soil development energy
wilderness dust bowl

Once you discover anything about the environment or ecology of your state, use that information in your next search. For example, the name of a natural feature of your state: Channel Islands, Big Sur, Badlands, vernal pools, glaciers, etc.  Or the name of an animal or plant in the state: golden eagle, kit fox, sea otter, etc.