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ENGWR 300 (Abbott)

ENGWR 300 (Abbott)

Using OneSearch & Evaluating Sources

Using OneSearch

OneSearch Tips

  • Based on your keywords, OneSearch will scan all of the Los Rios Libraries' resources, including books, ebooks, and articles from all of our individual databases.

  • Use "quotation marks" to keep your keywords side-by-side as an exact phrase, for example, "student loan debt"

  • Use the *asterisk as a wild card to give you the same stem with any ending, for example, immigrawill give you the words immigration, immigrant, immigrants, immigrate and any other word that has that root.

  • Use (parentheses) to nest, or combine similar keywords with the connectors OR, AND, NOT, for example, (health* or medical*)

  • An example would be: (health* or medical*) and insurance

OneSearch in One Minute

What's a "Good" Source?