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BUS 300 (Lane)

BUS 300 (Lane)

Mission and Financial Statements

Tips on Finding Mission Statements

  1. First, go to the database Business Source Complete and click on Company Information.
  2. Then, enter the company name in the search box (example: Apple, Inc.).
  3. Next click on the appropriate business. The page that opens up will include, among other things, the real website address for the company.
  4. The company website often includes its mission statement (try the About Us area, Company Information, or Investor Information).
  5. Another trick is to search for either Mission or Vision if the website has a search area. However, many companies do not include this information on their websites.
  6. Finally, if the information is not on their website, or is too difficult to find, you may have very good luck in asking them for their mission or vision statements by using the Contact Us area. 


Tips on Finding Financial Statements

This information is available from a variety of sources. 

Try the investors section of the company's website.

Any publicly traded company has to file a comprehensive financial report called 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC.

To find the 10-K for your company use the links below.  

  • Databases: try adding the keyword financial* or financial! (Business Source Complete) to the company name
  • Websites: check out the following list of websites for the easiest way to find a company's financial information and financial statements.