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WGS 300 (Kiel)

WGS 300 (Kiel)


Activism Project

Image: Protest sign that says "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people."

The purpose of this project is for you to become familiar with an activist or organization (or both) that works on behalf of gender equality and that matches your personal interests. Choose an activist/organization that takes up an issue that you care about and follow the activities of the activist/organization over the course of the semester. 
Because Women and Gender Studies is a feminist field of study, the activist/organization must have a feminist orientation, meaning that it works on issues related to gender equality and social justice. It can be an activist/organization that focuses on girls or adult women, or LGBTQIA identified persons; it can be local, state or national in scope, depending upon your interests. Choose an issue that you feel invested in or want to learn more about, and then do some internet searching to identify activists/organizations that are working on that issue. Many organizations have robust websites that capture their activities with updates, blogs, videos, and reports. 
Guidelines for Your Paper/Presentation:
  1. Describe the activist/organization history, mission, and location.
  2. What are the types and scope of activities and campaigns?
  3. Briefly discuss a sample of one or two of the most interesting activities, stories, videos, information, and/or links provided by the activist/organization.
  4. Discuss your own critique of this activist/organization; what is your opinion of its approach and the value of its work for women and gender equality.
  5. Find an academic article/study that discusses a topic/topics the organization covers. Briefly discuss the study and its findings.
  6. What questions are you reflecting upon as you complete this project?

What about women who say "I'm not a Feminist"?