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ENGWR 300 (Satterlee) - Environmental Issues

ENGWR 300 (Satterlee) - Environmental Issues

English Writing 300 Satterlee
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Your first assignment

What environmental crisis/crises most critically affects this STATE today?

Last name:  Your state

Your first research assignment is to find a background book, no older than 5 years, dealing with your state.  It must discuss that state's environmental situation , or deal with ecological matters.  If it's a general book about the state, it must have at least one full chapter devoted to your state's ecology.  It can be a general book on plants, coasts, sea mammals, desert fauna, river systems, etc.  You must get the book ASAP and you will be dinged points if you don't find a book by the due date. 

I can help you.

Approach the friendly librarian ASAP and ask for help, or search the library catalog.  Key words: Montana AND a key word: Environment, environmental ecological, natural, biological, parks, rivers, crises, land development, pollution, etc.