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ENGWR 300 (Tittle)

ENGWR 300 (Tittle)


Research Paper

Topic: Something that is currently being debated or discussed or argued within your future career. Research the issue and possible solutions.

List of Potential Topics:

Business students 

  • anything related to business ethics
  • data mining consumer choices (like selling information on who buys what on Amazon to 3rd party companies)
  • data privacy and the government 
  • should the government make Apple give up your log in id in the case of crime


Education students

  • dissection in school
  • flipped classrooms
  • testing issues 
  • common core issues
  • abandoning letter grades
  • contract grading
  • guns at schools


Engineering students 

  • have technological advances helped or diminished the capability to perform certain tasks within the field of engineering. 
  • how helpful is AI?
  • using drones to deliver packages or human organs for transplant


English students

  • plagiarism issues
  • issues related to English education for ESL students (in elementary school, high school, or college)
  • accelerating college students through freshmen English (AB 705)


Psychology students 

  • Face to Face counseling vs. virtual counseling
  • must all treatments be empirically supported to be considered ethical? (EBT vs. psychotherapy)


Sociology students

  • anything related to immigration (would also work for admin justice majors)
  • anything related to race


Sources: Minimum of ten (10) sources in your paper, five (5) of which must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, and derived from academic databases.  


Journal vs. Peer Reviewed Journal