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CHEM 330 (Alviar-Agnew) Adventures in Chemistry

CHEM 330 (Alviar-Agnew) Adventures in Chemistry

This guide provides helpful information on how to find information resources for the Group Research Project.

Your Assignment

You will choose a topic of interest to you and two or three other students in Chemistry 330. You and your group will become the class “experts” on your topic and will share your expertise with the rest of the class using PowerPoint, Prezi (or other presentation software), poster a demo or video. In researching your topic, you will use a variety of sources including books, periodicals, and the Internet.

Task 2 – References/Resources and Summaries (15 pts)

  • Identify at least eight sources for three members (or ten sources for four members) of information including books, science periodicals (peer reviewed, also known as "scholarly journal articles" or "academic journal articles"), and the internet.
  • Three (for three members and four for four members) of these sources should be periodicals.
  • One source can be a working scientist or health professional if appropriate for your topic.
  • The peer-reviewed (aka scholarly or academic journal) articles must not be older than 5 years old.
  • Summarize the main idea of each resource (3 – 4 sentences)
  • Include a working bibliography of these 8-10 sources using APA or MLA format. The Writer’s Workshop at the University of Illinois has a good web page outlining the APA bibliography format - and a good web page outlining the MLA format -
  • This task should be a complete document that represents the group’s references but make sure to indicate the contribution of each group member.



Sample Topic and Research Questions

“The Use of Indigo in Nigerian Dye baths”

The group will attempt to address the following:

  1. What is the chemical composition of indigo?
  2. What are the natural sources of indigo?
  3. What are the synthetic sources of indigo?
  4. What are the traditional and modern uses of indigo?
  5. Are there are any differences or similarities between indigo and other types of dye?
  6. Are there any health concerns in the use of the dye?
  7. Are there different types of indigo?
  8. What are the different uses of indigo?