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LibX Extension for SCC - Home


Get LibX

By adding the LibX extension to your browser (Firefox and Chrome only), you will be able to conduct library searches without visiting the library website

.LibX toolbar activated in Chrome browser

Add it now:

LibX Features

Search from your browser

Instead of making your way through the college website, click the icon on your browser and bring up search boxes for the library catalog and some of our most popular databases.

Autolinked ISBNs

If an ISBN is included on a Web page, it will appear as a link. Click the link and you will automatically search the library for it!


When you are browsing certain websites, such as, you might see the SCC logo on the page. Clicking that icon will search our system for the item you're viewing.See an example

Search via context menu

Select words on a Web page, right-click, and send those keywords directly to OneSearch or the library catalog. View animation

Reload via Los Rios proxy

If you are off-campus and find yourself on a Web page you think you should have access to, such as an article from CQ Researcher or JSTOR, but you can't get to the whole article, right-click and try reloading it through the Los Rios proxy.