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HIST 311 (Kehew) - Oral History - Historical Context

Books, Ebooks, and Articles for Historical Context

Start by identifying keywords for your historical time and topic. Keep track of new keywords you discover throughout the research process and repeat your searches with these new terms.

Next, take your keywords to the OneSearch. Your search results will include books, ebooks, and articles in one list.

Your search terms/keywords depend on the time period and topic.  Add a search term from each circle:

  • "united states" history 1945 "social conditions"
  • "united states" history 1945 gender
  • "united states" 20th century sex*

The overlapping area of these 3 circles contains citations that include all 3 terms. Note: there are many additional keywords, such as minorities, civil rights, racism, feminism, gay, sources, etc., depending on your topic.

venn diagram of several search terms

For more precise results, go to Advanced Search, place each of your search terms on a separate line, and convert them to Subject Terms.

Advanced Search

EBSCO advanced search terms

On the left sidebar of the search results screen, you can set limits to make the results list more relevant:

  • Publication date
  • Source Type (Books, Academic Journals, etc)
  • Subject (Click Show More to add all the relevant subjects)

Put useful items in a Folder, then email them to yourself.  Find print books from SCC or any other Los Rios college and Request them for delivery at the Davis Center. Read ebooks online; email articles to yourself or download them.

Other databases

You might be able to get everything you need from OneSearch, but the following databases have a good deal of history articles and might be worth searching separately: