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POLS 301 (Gaffaney): Viewpoints

About Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context features hundreds of articles arguing a particular point of view. These can be great sources for finding arguments, but be careful to distinguish them from research articles. These are generally persuasive articles.

Finding your topic in Opposing Viewpoints

Browse Issues link in top menu

Click the Browse Issues link and skim the list for your topic.

If you don't find one that is close, click Viewpoints under the search box and search using simple keywords.

Viewpoints search in Opposing Viewpoints

Think Tanks & Foundations

These organizations produce research on a large number of issues, most of which they make freely available online. They are biased; they are trying to influence policy. So you should be aware of their orientation and take it into account when you quote their reports. Use the site's search box, or browse the section called "reports," "research" or something similar.