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POLS 312 (Sukkary): MENA Politics and International Relations: PILOT

How to use PILOT


Your professor is offering 3 extra credit points for completing module 6 of the SCC Library's online tutorial, PILOT. This tutorial will give you a good understanding of why you cite sources and what the boundaries of plagiarism are. To do the tutorial:

Go to PILOT at

  1. Click on "First-Time Users" (if you have already registered for PILOT, you can click "Returning Users")
  2. Read the screens after you register. You will get to a menu that lists modules 1-6. Click Module 6, "Citing Sources".
  3. Work through the tutorial; take your time. Depending on the individual, this might take as little as 20 minutes or more than one hour.
  4. You will eventually get to the quiz section. When you complete the quiz you will see your score and can email it to your instructor. You may also retake the quiz at this time. You need to keep taking the quiz until you receive a 100% correct score in order to get extra credit. When you are done, showing a score of 100%, enter your instructor's email in the appropriate box.