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ADMJ 346 (Karver): Find Books and Ebooks

Featured Books

Reference Book Entries

The following are encyclopedia entries you would find when searching Virtual Reference Library.


Here are some examples of keywords that will help find relevant books and articles:

  • (probation OR parole)
  • "drug court" OR "drug courts"
  • "halfway houses"
  • recidivism

You can try combining these keywords with e.g.:

  • California
  • outcomes
  • effective*

Finding Books from the Library

To find books that are located in SCC (or other Los Rios) Libraries, enter keywords and then, when viewing your search results, click the limiter labeled Books & Videos on Library Shelves.

In section titled "Limit to", limiter is entitled "Books & Videos on Library Shelves"

If you want to only see materials located at the Sacramento City College (rather than ARC or elsewhere), find the Location section on the left-hand side and select Sacramento City College.

Location Limiter on OneSearch results screen

By default the results will also show videos and other non-print materials. To limit to just books, you can click Books under Source Types. However, in most cases almost all of the results will be books, so this step is generally not necessary.

Requesting Books in OneSearch

Most books located at other Los Rios libraries can be requested. Click on the book title and look for a link reading Request this item

Request this item from OneSearch

At that point you can follow the prompts on the screen to request the book.