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What's in OneSearch?

OneSearch provides access to almost all of the library's collection from a single search box. Type your keywords and quickly get results from books, ebooks, articles, images, streaming audio, and more.

When you use OneSearch, you will find material from several different resources.

To view full-text results, you may see a link to "PDF full text" or "HTML full text", or you might see a link that will take you to another subscription database or online source.

Does OneSearch replace the library catalog?

Everything listed in the library catalog can also be found in OneSearch. In addition, OneSearch provides added features such as related books and links to reviews. However, there are many cases when, if you are simply looking for a few books, or a book or video whose title you already know, or items on reserve, it will be simpler to search the library catalog, where you will not need to sort and filter results as you would in OneSearch. In addition, if you want to request books from a different Los Rios library or renew an item, this can only be done via the library catalog.

Does OneSearch replace other research databases?

OneSearch is one tool among many. If you want to search the widest possible array of sources at once, it is a good tool to use. There are plenty of cases, however, when you might want to use a more focused database that covers a particular discipline or has a particular kind of material. In addition, a few of the databases are not included in OneSearch.

How do I know which database the information is coming from?

If you click a record, you can find out which database it is coming from under "Database." If you wish, you can limit your search results to a particular database by using the "Database" limiter near the bottom of the left-hand menu.

OneSearch is powered by EBSCO Discovery Service. If you have questions about how to use it, please use our Ask a Librarian service. For more detailed information, contact Jeff Karlsen.